World Water Week 2022 

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Water is the most precious natural resource available to the human race. In this fast-paced world, we have somehow stopped appreciating the value of this natural resource. There are many organisations in the world which are seriously working day and night trying to find a solution to save the world’s most precious resource for our own future.

World Water week is a global, week-long, internationall conference which takes place in late August or early September, in Stockholm. This particular conference is held with a motive to talk and bring forth many issues regarding fresh water and its sustainability on our planet. This event is also considered to be an opportunity to discuss and accelerate progress towards one of the most important Sustainable Development Goal that aims for clean water and sanitation for all. This year in 2022, World Water Week started on August 23 and will continue till 1st of September.

Today, we’ll discuss the theme of this week-long event, its brief history, the significance and the celebration.

Paqos, which is a leading brand in India for water treatment, storage and movement solutions like water softener for home, stainless steel water tanks, and water pressure booster, is also dedicated to observe the World water week. We are on a mission to educate people about water and its significance during this time. We understand that clean and fresh water is a basic need that must be available to all.

Theme 2022

The overall theme of this year’s world water week is “Seeing the unseen : The value of water”. This year, people from various parts of the world are going to talk about the diverse aspects of water and to understand what others think and how people from different parts of the world value water. World Water Week 2022 is set to provide a platform for this important conversation.

This year is going to be a mega event as many environmentalists, water conservationists, famous activists, and experts are going to come and speak on one single platform. Every one will share their piece of knowledge about the declining quality of fresh water around the world and how to work behind its preservation. This year, it has been decided that the discussion will be done targeting three main key areas:

  • The value of water
  • The significance of water for nature and climate
  • The economic and financial value of water


The World Water Week held in Stockholm every year, originally began as the Stockholm Water Symposium in the year 1991. Since then, it has been convened annually ever since. The official name of this event became World Water Week in Stockholm in the year 2001. The organisation behind this, identifies a conference theme to place a specific focus on one aspect of the world’s escalating water crisis. Initially, one theme was promoted for 4–5 years. Since 2008, a different theme has been selected for each year.


A unique theme is selected every year, with a mission to find solution against the world’s greatest challenges such as poverty, food security, climate crisis, water scarcity and the loss of biodiversity among others.


Factors likecontamination of fresh water, rising temperature resulting to global warming, climate change, growth in population, global consumption of fresh water are what effect the availability of fresh water in the world. In order to understand the rising importance of tackling these problems is what gives birth to such an event where experts from around the world can come together and discuss this on a global platform.

It is with immediate urgency that we must understand the importance of existence of fresh water and its global availability. World Water Week 2022 will put focus on how we must value water as individuals. Realising and understanding the water crisis will lead to need of the hour innovations, decisions and investments in managing the natural resource in a better way.


Several workshops, symposiums and seminars are held to spread awareness about the value of water and water crisis around the world. Many documentaries related to water conservations are showcased to make people aware of the current situation. Some reputed organisations and volunteers come forward every year to spread awareness about this important issue.

Our duty as citizens is to use water in a sustainable manner, try not to use it leniently, watch documentaries on water conservation and attend or witness the world water week.

Paqos stands as an organisation that believes in this vision and is focused to spread awareness about conservation of water. Let’s save the most precious natural resource by taking small important steps.

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