Trip To Egypt

Trip To Egypt

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It is a very important issue to make a plan before traveling to Egypt so that you can have an exciting journey through all of them without any hassle as there are so many places to visit in Egypt, some highly recommended activities and others not recommended There are so many good places to stay and others are not so good that to manage your Egypt trips and plan them in a right way, you must know the main things to avoid in Egypt and that’s it. This is the reason we have covered the main points in this article to keep in mind while planning a holiday in Egypt so keep reading to know our point.

What to avoid while in Egypt??

1- Avoid traveling without currency converter app

It is highly recommended to have such a converter app with you while you are in Egypt so that you are not deceived by any of the local people or in any place. As this app shows, you can get the same day’s exchange rate, and How do you get the best exchange rate?

2- Avoid not knowing everything about the best places to visit in Egypt

Unfortunately, some travelers who visit Egypt alone without booking a tour with a travel agency miss a lot through spending a lot of time in one or two places from Egypt’s main destinations without actually visiting other fascinating destinations. But a travel agency with professional tour guides is exactly what you need to book a real satisfying vacation.

3- Avoid drinking tap water in Egypt

Drinking from tap water is highly not recommended as it is highly chlorinated and is not consumed by locals unless it has been treated or purified, so any traveler living in Egypt should Buying bottled water is highly recommended. And during the day trip to the shop or the market and drink lots of water. A bottle of water costs only 3 to 5 EGP in Egypt and can be found anywhere, so you won’t face any issues regarding keeping them.

4- Make sure you don’t book the hotel yourself before scheduling your tour with the travel agency

Sometimes, tourists find it much cheaper to book hotels and domestic flights on their own and just hire a tour guide and a private car from a travel agency, but eventually, they find out that all their bookings are on tour schedule or nil. does not match the river. The cruise schedule and consequently, the itinerary will not be possible. So the main advice about this point is that the guest should first check with the agency which itinerary he wants to go for, what special requirements the traveler wants to apply, and then based on the agreed-upon itinerary, the traveler must make the necessary bookings to enjoy some of the best Egypt tour packages in a country as rich as Egypt itself.

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5- Avoid waiting until the last minute before your arrival date

Egypt is a wonderful tourist country with lots of amazing sights and landmarks and it is visited by thousands of tourists during the whole year and to your knowledge, the peak seasons in Egypt are Easter and Christmas and you need to book your holiday To guarantee that will be available to you as soon as possible in Egypt eg you come to book a few months or a month before your arrival, you may not get availability for you.

6- Avoid wearing inappropriate clothes

You need to make sure you pack culturally appropriate clothing with you before coming to Egypt because Egypt is an Islamic country and it is not appropriate to wear mini-skirts, strappy tops, shorts, or clothes that are too heavy. Reveal one’s flesh because it will bring a lot of unnecessary attention to you, especially if you are a woman so make sure to find what suits the culture in Egypt and what makes you feel comfortable.

Here are some recommended clothes to wear in Egypt:

  • Maxi Skirts and Dresses
  • pants jeans
  • Cotton Blouse
  • loose fit trousers
  • Jumpsuit if you’re in a coastal town or on a Nile cruise.

7- Don’t forget to tip in Egypt

Tipping is part of Egyptian culture and it seems that everyone in Egypt expects you to “give” something after serving it. This is something which is not mandatory but is also expected and you need to suggest those who provide you satisfactory services during your vacation in Egypt like a local tour guide, driver, waiter in a restaurant, cabin crew Is. , and similar people you may meet and need their services. This is why you need to have some cash on hand to pay in a small currency like £5 or 10.

8- Avoid buying gold without doing much research

Since gold is pure and very cheap from abroad, many tourists prefer to buy gold during their holidays in Egypt, but unfortunately, there are some gold scams by Egyptians for tourists who do not have enough experience in gold, Such as weighing it incorrectly or manipulating the price of daytime gold without telling tourists. That’s why you need to do your research to make sure that you are getting the gold item at the best price.

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9- Avoid going to unsafe places in Egypt

Egypt’s Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, and other cities have a lot of attractions that must be visited and spent a vacation around, but some places are not recommended for travelers like the Sinai or the western desert that you can visit. can travel but due to some political issues things may change and they may not be safe for the travelers.

There are a few essentials to pack with you for your Egypt vacation which include:

  • An entry visa can be obtained upon arrival for some nationalities and must be prepared in advance for other nationalities, so you must first check whether you can obtain your visa upon arrival in Egypt or whether you will be required to return to your home country Whether it is required to go to the Egyptian Embassy or not to apply for a visa.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all passengers are required to bring with them a negative PCR test which must be issued a maximum of 72 hours before their arrival.
  • A valid passport with a validity of at least 6 months before the date of arrival.
  • Suitable comfortable clothing that matches the season of travel and course suitable hiking shoes to be able to move around without any pain.
  • And the medicine that the traveler is used to taking every day.
  • The trip should be booked with a travel agency and the traveler should be accompanied by a local tour guide who knows all the most visited places, how much time should be spent at each site, the best shopping trips to take site, and also has the best negotiation skills to help the guest buy the things he wants with the most reasonable price.
  • Exchange some of your money in EGP and make sure to keep some cash with you for any emergency or any small purchases.
  • Learn some Arabic words and phrases to be able to communicate with the locals who do not speak English.

As a final word, make sure not to spend so much time worrying about unnecessary things to do in Egypt as it is such a lovely country with lots of natural, historical and cultural sites to visit and most of the tourists who visit. blessed with This, they love every single moment they spend in Egypt and always look forward to being able to return to it again in the future. So start preparing for your adventure and start your dream.

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