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Peoples Jewelers

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Nothing should attract the customer in the People’s Jewelers store. The experience is dull, the quality is poor, and the service is mediocre. This, along with the high price tag, makes the experience disgusting.

A Brief History

Peoples Jewelers can lay claim to being one of the oldest jewelers in Canada. It was founded nearly 100 years ago and has expanded over those 100 years, leading up to its purchase by the US Zales Corporation. Peoples Jewelers joined Signet Corporation, which owns nearby jewelers, and Jareds, which now sees its 150 stores spread across Canada.

What do Peoples Jewelers offer?

Peoples Jewelers stores tend to look old and drab, no matter where they are located. The experience continues when interacting with sales staff, who don’t go the extra mile to make the experience memorable.

The diamonds on offer also don’t live up to the expectations; they are mostly cut poorly and look very dull. As for the prices, they are completely unreasonable as the quality of their diamonds is on par. It would be best if you pay the same price to buy a diamond of better quality and brilliance at James Allen or the Blue Nile.

Apart from having 150 stores located around Canada, Peoples Jewelers doesn’t offer anything worth checking out.

What makes Peoples Jewelers special?

Store Accessibility: As mentioned, having 150 stores around Canada helps the store to be more accessible to many people as you can find stores almost everywhere. However, it doesn’t help much when the store isn’t worth starting with.

Responsible Sourcing: People’s Jewelers ensure that their diamonds are responsibly sourced. Therefore, customers can be sure that all diamonds purchased from the store are ethically sourced.

Largest Retailer: People’s Jewelers is the largest retailer of watches and fine jewelry in Canada, with stores from the Maritimes to British Columbia. The company is also a member of the Canadian Jewelers Association, which certainly builds a level of trust with the customers.

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Personalized Jewellery: Online at the People’s Jewelers store, you’ll find that they offer a wide range of personalized jewelry, from birthstone, rings to teething necklaces. In short, there is something for every taste and style.

Peoples Jewellers Pricing

When it comes to the prices of their diamonds and engagement rings, Peoples Jewelers tend to be incredibly low, which are extraordinarily high compared to James Allen or the Blue Nile. More than that, the quality is also not good.

You’ll pay a premium price for a heavy piece. A physical jewelry store will cost more than an online retailer because there are more overheads and employees to pay. But it becomes unfair when the quality of diamonds is not excellent.

Custom order

Peoples Jewelers doesn’t offer a lot of customization focused on engagement rings, but they do have many other customizable jewelry options. A ring has to be custom-designed, although it falls under the category of birthstone, and Mother’s Day is as much of a life-changing one as an engagement ring. It would be better to look for custom designs elsewhere to make sure you get the best craftsmanship and design possible.

Website ease of use

The People’s Jewelers website is what you’d expect from a mall-based jewelry retailer. It’s full of promotional banners and sales to attract you, just like one would do in a store.

Be that as it may, the website is relatively clean and easy to use and uses beautiful images to entice customers. From engagement rings to wedding gifts, there is an extensive collection of online wedding favors for potential brides-to-be and guests.

Engagement rings are beautifully displayed on the site, and there are some beautiful options to choose from. Photos are clear but somewhat limited. A good amount of information is also provided on each piece, which further helps in the buying process.

Online, customers can also access comprehensive diamond education that helps them gain access to the vital information they need before making a purchase.

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Customer service

You probably won’t be impressed with in-store customer service, but there are some decent after-sales benefits available to customers.

Returns and Exchanges: All jewelry can be returned within 60 days of purchase and can be either fully refunded, exchanged, or replaced with in-store credit.

Shipping: If you choose to ship jewelry to a People’s Jewelers store, shipping will be free. Plus, free shipping is offered on orders over $199.

Lifetime Diamond Commitment: With all diamond purchases over $200 the diamond comes with a lifetime diamond commitment covering the breakage, which will replace the diamond if it is broken, chipped, or lost. This commitment comes with a lifetime of cleaning and inspection to ensure that diamonds are kept in the best possible condition. In addition, a Lifetime Guaranteed Trade.

Peoples Jewelers Financing Options

Customers can apply for the People’s Jewelers Credit Card which allows for purchases and access to exclusive benefits and flexible financing plans. This includes a special offer with a welcome package, 10% off repairs, special offers for the entire year, a $50 birthday voucher, and most importantly, flexible financing plans.

Why should you choose Peoples Jewelers?

Following are the reasons you choose Peoples Jewelers:

  • Responsibly and Ethically Sourced Diamonds
  • 150 stores across Canada
  • Wide range of customizable jewelry

Peoples Jewelers – High Value and Low Quality

Unfortunately, nothing redeems Peoples Jewelers or guarantees a visit for anyone in the market for a diamond engagement ring. Prices are high, while quality is often lacking. The service comes without any saving grace, leaving customers feeling overwhelmed.

It would be best to visit James Allen or the Blue Nile, where you can get a beautiful diamond at a great price. Plus, the customer service will make the experience worth your time and money, even if it’s online.


Peoples is just not the place to buy an engagement ring or any other diamond jewelry. It wasn’t the worst store we visited in Canada, but it was near the bottom. You are better off looking elsewhere.

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