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A fireplace can be an attractive and relaxing addition to any home. It’s important to have your fireplace cleaned and inspected by a professional if you use your fireplace regularly or if it’s been disused for a long period of time.


In addition, if you are planning any updates to your fireplace, you should not try DIY chimney tips, but rather call a professional. Not only will this ensure the job is done right, but it can be much much safer.  You should hire the best chimney sweep fort worth service so that you can keep your home. There are several benefits that come when you hire a professional chimney sweeping service.


  • Prevent Fire
  • Prevent Smoke Damage
  • Fix hidden issues
  • Increase the life span of your flue liner
  • Save your money and prevent extensive damage
  • Ensures Strength of Chimney

Are you in need of the best Chimney Sweep Service?


At On Time Home Expert, we are committed to providing our community with effective chimney cleaning, chimney inspection, and chimney maintenance services.  Our highly trained and experienced technicians will make sure your chimney is cleaned properly. Our services include chimney cleaning, smoke shaft building and construction, fireplace cleaning, and more. We have been a reliable chimney cleaning service for countless homeowners for many years. Over the years, we have evolved from a brush-holding chimney sweep to a highly trained and well-equipped expert who uses state-of-the-art technology.

Why you should choose us?


A fireplace is one of the most sought-after features in a home, and it can provide homeowners with a number of benefits. Fireplaces and chimneys require maintenance, and you can’t keep lighting fires without properly cleaning them. In case your chimney experiences a flammable obstruction or a build-up of creosote, it can put your whole home at risk. You can rely on us for chimney inspections, cleaning, repairs, custom fabrications, and installation.  We are proud to be one of the best chimney sweep chimney cleaning services in Fort Worth. You can be confident that you will get only the best service from us.


  • Profeeisonal team mebers
  •  Emergency response
  • Fast work
  • Friendly workers
  • Maintain all safety protocols


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