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Are you expanding your business with IVR solutions? There are plenty of ways to use IVR systems to enhance marketing and sales, boost client loyalty, boost productivity, and reduce costs if you work for a company where clients call you. With trends, IVR customer service has been around for a while, and many businesses have adopted it. Nevertheless, adopting IVR solutions in your customer service department has many advantages. However, you can do a few things to guarantee that your IVR is seen more favourably and that clients like it.

Why do you need to use IVR?

IVRs can be used in many situations, from straightforward contact centre replacements to sophisticated, database-driven IVRs used in banking, retail, or television. IVRs are typically used to automate workflows and procedures in place of human operators. This is why companies require the top IVR service provider in Indialike Knowlarity, who can give their clients better service while saving money and boosting production and efficiency. So now, let’s begin with the Top use cases of IVR:

IVR in call centers:

Call centres come into mind immediately when thinking about the use cases for IVR customer service. An IVR is counted to a call queue that links callers with sales or support agents in the case of an inbound call centre. This is a frequent issue for businesses that provide customer care in multiple languages, such as insurance, banking, financial services, and utility companies. After establishing a connection, the IVR India prompts the caller to select a language before choosing the required service. The call is eventually transferred to a queue where the representative reply in the language the caller has chosen. The queue has the option of recording the call.


In this instance, a company’s internal call flow is automated using an IVR. By using built-in IVR menus with prerecorded messages, callers are guided to connect with phone extensions. A human operator typically does this operation. This procedure is automated with the help of IVR technology, giving the receptionist more time to complete other responsibilities. Callers can reach Sales or Support using the terminal keypad or send a fax by pressing three on the phone keypad. They can connect to the individual they wish to speak to if they know their phone extension directly.

IVR in Commercial Airlines:

On commercial flights, passengers can use the IVR to find their bags. A traveller dials a number and enters their flight number and seat to locate their luggage. The IVR establishes a connection with back-end systems to determine the precise location of the passengers’ bags and their next stop. The caller hears the response read to them using a text-to-speech program.

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IVR in Utilities:

Customers can occasionally communicate specific information about their usage rate to utility companies through the IVR. The consumer dials the IVR, enters their customer ID, and uses the phone keypad to enter the counter readings for their gas usage for the previous month. The value is entered into database, compared to the reading from the previous month, and difference is utilized to produce an invoice for the consumption for current month. Without the assistance of a human operator, the entire operation is carried out automatically.

IVR in Transportation:

In the freight and transportation sectors, IVR apps are used to verify that packages and cargo have arrived at their destination. Upon delivery, the freighter telephones the IVR number completes a PIN-based authentication, and enters the transport ID or airway bill using the phone keypad to confirm the status delivery of the cargo. The conveyance is verified when the number is entered into a database. Other workflow procedures may be started based on this transport condition.

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