Top 6 Tactical Equipment Used by Law Enforcement in 2022
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The police, military, and law enforcement are those people who are responsible for protecting other people by putting their lives on the line. If you work in security, you are already aware of the long hours you must put in every day.

People who are working to defend others or maintain law and order in the city often have to face various types of threats daily. Moreover, the situation gets far more difficult if they have to deal with a lethal weapon. Often, during riots and other chaotic situations, defense personnel have a risk of getting injured by a weapon.

Therefore, to prevent oneself from getting any kind of lethal injury, defense personnel use defensive items such as police tactical vests, ballistic helmets, and shields. Moreover, they also keep lethal weapons with them, like batons or stun guns, to counter any enemy they may face during their duty times.

Best Tactical Equipment to Use with Police Tactical Vest

Top 6 Tactical Equipment Used by Law Enforcement in 2022

There is a lot of safety and defense equipment used by law enforcement. Some are pretty basic, while others are more complex and made for particular situations. The following are the most popular types of tactical equipment used by law enforcement with their police tactical vest.

Special Forces Helmet

  • Special force helmets are tactical helmets that allow a person to attach various tactical gear to the helmet.
  • For example, you can easily use night vision goggles with them and attach communication devices for better communication.
  • These helmets offer level IIIA ballistic security, making it secure to take handgun impacts, including .44 magnum. Furthermore, troops can move easily without much difficulty due to their lightweight.

Bulletproof vest 

  • A law enforcement person who continuously engages in difficult situations always wears a bulletproof vest. These vests provide ballistic security to the person.
  • So, if a bullet hits you during crossfire, you won’t die as the vest will stop the bullet and absorb the whole impact. Of course, you will feel some pain in that area, but it is still better than having a hole. There are multiple levels of vests.
  • But if you want to secure yourself from ballistic weapons and also keep the vest hidden, the NIJ level IIIA vest is best for you. In the military, these vests are also called military vests.
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Tactical Police Vest

  • A police tactical vest is different from a regular bulletproof vest. To begin with, both regular and police tactical vests are made from the same material and have similar durability.
  • The difference is that police tactical vests are designed for tactical operations. For example, while infiltrating a building, you need to carry several tactical bombs and ammo.
  • Therefore, tactical vests have several pockets where you can carry bombs and gun ammo, which is not possible in a regular vest.

Stun gun

  • Those law enforcement officers and guards who are often deployed in safer locations and do not need to actively engage in gunfire use stun guns as their main weapon to take down a defaulter. Stun guns are powerful yet non-lethal self-defense equipment.
  • They have two small metal projectors on the attacking end, which deliver a powerful shock to destabilize the functionality of a person for a few minutes. Giving law enforcement enough time to apprehend the person,


  • Batons are melee weapons that are used the same as a stun gun. The weapon looks like a long baseball bat, but it is a smaller version.
  • Law enforcement people use them to deal with chaotic situations and scare people away. These are considered defense weapons and are mostly used by defense personnel far away from life-threatening situations.


  • Law enforcement uses shields to deal with normal people. However, they are most helpful for handling riots and protests. Shields are made from hard plastic or PET, making them durable against impacts and melee attacks.
  • In addition, many modern shields are also being made ballistic resistant to make them usable against ballistic weapons and projectiles.

Why does law enforcement use tactical equipment?


The primary goal of police tactical vests is to equip you with maximum usefulness and comfort to face risky situations with added assurance. However, in order to obtain the most comfort and functionality out of the vest, the size must be correct.

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This is true of all tactical equipment. Therefore, the police tactical vest should be tailored to your exact specifications so that you are comfortable while wearing it; otherwise, it may obstruct your mobility and slow you down, which is exactly what it should be doing.

Full Flexibility

  • You will be able to move your arms, legs, and heads rapidly and safely in quality tactical clothing. However, a few things are more vital when chasing a suspect, reacting to danger indicators, or wrestling with someone.
  • Uniform flexibility allows them to react more rapidly, but it also decreases the danger of injury when they need to make a swift movement.

Storage Space

  • A decent tactical uniform has plenty of pockets on the outside and inside. This provides space for your personnel to store any tools or equipment they may need on the job. For example, if your employees must carry guns, uniform storage space is crucial.
  • The more storage locations they have and the quicker they are to access, the easier it will be for employees to retrieve their guns quickly in an emergency, and the less likely they will store them in a dangerous location.
  • Such storage areas are also necessary if your employees carry communications equipment, visual aids, or anything else they could need on the job.

Vital Visibility

  • Officers, security guards, and other tactical personnel must tread carefully when it comes to visibility. Dangerous individuals will have an easier time attacking them if they are too visible.
  • However, depending on where they operate, they risk being hurt by vehicles, heavy machinery, or other hazards if they are too difficult to detect.
  • Tactical uniforms provide a balance between these two extremes, ensuring that your staff is visible at all times.

These are the reasons and the types of tactical equipment used by law enforcement. Whether you are purchasing a police tactical vest or a regular vest, you should always choose a reputable defense equipment supplier to ensure the quality of your equipment.

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