Should You Replace One Tyre Or More?

Tyre Replace

One young mechanic balancing a tire in auto repair shop.

No disputing your mood will go for a toss if you discover that you suddenly have a flat tyre. This is because you will have to replace one tyre, which is annoying and possibly dangerous if you’re on the freeway. When you arrive at the tyre shop, the car dealers will convince you to replace all four tyres or buy a tyre air pressure gauge

However, this could result in a big bite on your pocket unless you’re doing your shopping for popular car accessories at your neighbourhood RAW shop. Now, if you are a first-timer, you will most likely wonder if the tyre technicians are merely attempting to up-sell you on other tyres or if there is a valid justification.

Can You Replace One Tire Out Of Four?

Most time, you will find a negative answer to this question. As per most experts, swapping just one tire can be more challenging than its worth and cost much more than if you bought a pair. 

It’s necessary mentioning that if the other tyres still have the majority of their tread, you can replace one tyre effortlessly. However, for optimal performance, you must make it a point to purchase the same tyre brand, make, and model as your other tyres.

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You Could Turn Your Suspension System On

In essence, do note that all your tyres cooperate to produce a healthy performance. Furthermore, the driveshaft and suspension system collectively rely on the balance between each tyre. So no, you will expose the rest of your car when one tyre is visibly higher or lower.

Always keep in mind to rotate your tyre. This is because the front tyres deteriorate more quickly than the back tyres. You must ideally make up your mind to have a mechanic typically up-selling you on at least two tyres at one. This is because a single new tyre will almost certainly have a different tread depth than its accompanying tyre on the opposite side of the axle.

Less Stability Occurs With Variable Tread Depth

Regarding tread depth, note that the patterns in your tyres aren’t just for aesthetic purposes. Regardless of the circumstance, your tyre and, by further extension, your car will remain on the road because of the tread. They are essential for keeping your vehicle safe from skidding out. 

Simply put, it plays a pivotal role when you make a sharp turn or drive in bad weather, like rain or snow. The amount of traction you might otherwise expect is significantly minimal when one tyre, out of four, has a different tread depth from the others. Now that your tyres are out of balance, they won’t retain the same hold on your car as in the typical scenario. 

Consider Two Tires For Replacement?

The experts have established that buying just one tyre isn’t wise. But how about you purchase two tyres? Simply put, you can probably get away with purchasing only two tyres. This is because a pair of new tyres will share a balance. Furthermore, it won’t put your suspension system into overwhelming use. Again, this is because they can fit on the same axle.

Additionally, do note that your tyres won’t match up even though your axle will have balance. This could get annoying when it’s time to buy new tyres. You might be in a tricky situation where you need to swap the rear tyres but don’t want to. 

This is because you already purchased new ones, and vice versa when it’s time to swap the front tyres. Most experts admit buying new tires could interfere with your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. And it would help if you did not allow that when owning a car. 

How to Recognise When You Must Replace a Tire (Or Two)

There’s no disputing that you must know when you should replace one tyre or a pair for your car. This is ideally necessary apart from the shocking realisation that one of your tyres has burst while you’re driving. 

To Sum It Up

Throughout the article, the experts have continued to establish that the rest of your vehicle could suffer if you only replace one tyre. You may find an opportunity to save some money in the immediate future by switching just one tyre. However, the long-run costs will probably be much higher.

Try to buy at least two tyres at once, but even then, your mechanic will probably advise you to buy four. You might have to restrain yourself from purchasing more than two items when shopping at Car Orbis. They offer and install a variety of tyres from reputable, well-known brands. To find out how they can help you, get in touch with them and ask to speak with one of our experts.

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