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Most of us spend a lot of time, searching for that one app that can help us manage our devices, and the plethora of files and apps they contain. We want an app that can keep our devices safe from all kinds of threats. Max Cleaner is that app.

Once you open this app, you will be able to notice that it has three pages: the Homepage, Tools page and Me page. Of course, the first page you are shown is the Homepage, where you will see a large circular graphic taking up three quarters of the page.

This graphic shows the percentage of RAM used, and when you tap it, it actually starts scanning your device for any viruses or privacy issues. Once the scan is completed in a very short time, one must add, there will be presented to your perusal all the threats that have been discovered by the app during this scan, as a list, and not only that, but the app also gives you solutions to these problems, where you can solve them one by one, or just solve them with one tap on the Resolve all tab.

There are many Android cleaners and optimizers like this. Some of them has more features than MAX Cleaner. For example, Clean Master is one of the oldest Android cleaners. Clean Master app does not available on play store. You can install NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner, CCleaner, Phone Master using Google play store. Click here to download Clean Master.

There are the four main features of this app:

Features of Max Cleaner App

  • Junk Files: scans the device storage for any kind of trash that has accumulated over the years, and has been forgotten and allowed to stay hidden, taking up precious space that could have been utilized for higher purposes.
  • Storage Analyzer: Helps you analyze and dissect the contents of your device storage, so that you can make informed decisions on whether you can afford to download or save any more files onto your device.
  • Boost: enables you to quickly boost your RAM with just a tap of a button
  • Wi-Fi Security: scans your Wi-Fi in a matter of seconds and shows you how many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi with or without your knowledge, with the relevant IP address, and it also gives you the current speed of your Wi-Fi, so that you can assess if you need to make any changes.


On the Tools page you are shown a list of additional features this app provides, arranged under two categories namely, Clean More and Useful Shortcuts. Under Clean More you have features such as:

  • APP Manager
  • Storage Analyzer
  • Big File Clean
  • Game Booster

Under Useful Shortcuts you have:

  • Device Info: is a cool feature, which offers you a wide array of information o your device such as, the RAM, Storage, Resolution, CPU Model, Cores, Clock range, Battery Level, Temperature and so much more.
  • Duplicate Files: scans the device for any duplicate files, and lists them according to their various categories, so that you can deal with them however you like.

Finally on the Me Page you have additional settings, a tab to update the app, a portal to provide feedback and more.

Download Max Cleaner Apk

Here we are using AC Market Android app store to install Max Cleaner app. Because AC Market will always ensure we are downloading correct and safe apk files to phone. You will receive future updates too. No need to manually check for updates.

First download and install latest version of AC Market app. Click on search icon and type this app name to install. Simple and easy. No registration or login required.

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