India eVisa Photo Requirements
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The e-Visa for India can be acquired effectively in the event that you meet all the qualification conditions and archive prerequisites set out by the Indian Government for the equivalent. One of the reports expected to be submitted in the application is a delicate duplicate of a visa style photo of the guest’s face. This face photo of the guest is expected in the use of all Indian e-Visas, regardless of whether you are applying for the Tourist e-Visa for India, the Business e-Visa for India, the Medical e-Visa for India, or the Medical Attendant e-Visa for India, every one of them expect you to transfer an identification style photograph of your face while applying for them on the web. This guide will assist you with sorting out each of the India Visa photograph necessities. When you know all the Indian Visa photograph prerequisites you can undoubtedly apply for the Indian e-Visa on the web and that too without visiting the nearby Indian Embassy in your nation to secure the Indian e-Visa.

How to take the face photo to meet the India Visa photograph prerequisites?

Guests applying for the Indian Visa need an identification style photo of their face which can be clicked with a telephone. There is compelling reason need to go to an expert picture taker to get it clicked which would have been vital had the application interaction not been on the web and had the guest been applying for the customary paper Visa. In any case, for e-Visa you can simply transfer a photograph tapped on a telephone as long as it meets the Indian Visa photograph prerequisites. In any case, you can’t click a photograph of or examine the photo that is there on your ongoing identification. You need to transfer a different identification style photograph of your face.

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The significant India Visa photograph prerequisites:

The guest applying for the Indian e-Visa needs to ensure the face photo that they transfer on their Visa application meets the accompanying Indian Visa photograph necessities:


  • The photograph should be visa style.
  • The photograph should be clear and not foggy and it ought to plainly distinguish the guest with the total of their face and its elements, hair, and any imprints on the skin noticeable in the photograph. Assuming the guest wears a turban, head scarf, Hijab, burqua, or some other head covering because of strict reasons, they simply have to ensure the head covering doesn’t conceal their face, jaw, and hairline. The guest ought to be handily recognized from the photograph which the Immigration Officer on the boundary would do.
  • The photograph should be something like 350 pixel by 350 pixel in level and width. It should be essentially this size. What’s more, the guest’s face ought to cover 50-60% region in the photograph and be in the edge. Ears, necks, and shoulders ought to likewise be apparent with the exception of head covers worn for strict reasons.
  • The default India Visa identification photograph size is 1 Mb or 1 Megabyte, and that implies that the photograph of your face that you transfer on your Indian Visa application can’t be more than 1 Mb. You can check whether the size of your photograph meets the India Visa identification photograph size expected by the Visa application on your PC or PC by right tapping on the image, tapping on Properties, and really looking at the Size in the General tab in the window that opens up.
  • Wear no embellishments like caps or overhangs in the photograph. You can wear your glasses or displays in the photograph that you transfer yet in a perfect world you ought to transfer a photograph without them so there is no reflection on your eyes or the glimmer doesn’t cover your eyes. Any other way you may be asked to re-transfer the photograph and there is plausible that your application may be dismissed on the Immigration Officers’ carefulness. In any case, assuming you truly do choose to wear your glasses or scenes, be that as it may, ensure there is no brightness or reflection on them as your eyes ought to be plainly noticeable in the photo.
  • The face photo ought to be taken in the Portrait mode as opposed to in the Landscape mode, the light in the photograph ought to be uniform and there ought to be no dull shadows, the shade of the photo ought to be typical with practically no hued tones, and you shouldn’t utilize any altering programming on the photograph.
  • The foundation in the photograph ought to be easy and the garments that you wear in the photo ought to likewise be plain with practically no perplexing examples or strong tones.
  • The photograph shouldn’t have any other person behind the scenes.
  • The perspective all over ought to be front facing view, not the side view or profile view, and your eyes ought to be totally open in the photograph, not even half closed, and mouth shut. Ensure your hair is tucked back and all highlights of your face are obviously apparent.
  • The delicate duplicate of this face photo that you transfer ought to be a JPG, PNG, or PDF document. Also Read

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