How Water Leak Sensors Can Benefit Your Home
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Technology has taken the world by storm in the past few decades with alarms and sensors for almost everything in your home. We have security sensors on our doors, windows and gates in case of intruders, on our prized cars, smoke detectors linked to emergency services, gauges to test temperatures and adjust them to suit our comfort zones, heck, there’s even alarms on our fridges to remind us we’re wasting cold air! But what happens when a pipe burst under your house or in your roof? How much damage would the water be able to cause before you were aware the problem even existed?

Being a new or existing homeowner has its share of challenges, but leaking water pipes doesn’t have to be one of them. One of the most potentially damaging things that can occur in your home is a water leak. Whether it be a small, slow leak that raises your water bill and eats into your wallet, or a burst pipe causing major structural damage, it could all be avoided with a simple, cost-effective water leak sensor.

Homeowners everywhere are scrambling to either buy a water leak detection system or to get a leak detection specialist into their homes, locating the problems before they have a chance to become one. 

What Is a Water Leak Sensor?

Water leak sensors are one of the greatest inventions a homeowner can invest in. Not only do they detect where the leak or crack is, but they instantly shut off the entire water supply to the house and all the attached appliances, reducing the possibility of extensive damage. A valve inside the sensor shuts off the water as soon as a problem is detected. 

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The leak detectors can be programmed by the homeowner to alert them via their mobile phones or computers, should an issue with the water supply arise. Even if you’re out for the day, you will be informed immediately of any changes in the normal flow of your water and what the sensor has detected. The unit will also cut off the water supply to the entire house until the issue is resolved by a plumber or technician, giving you instant peace of mind that your house isn’t going to flood while you’re away. 

How Do They Work?

Leak detection units use a variety of advanced technology to be able to accurately detect water problems. Different sensors have different capabilities and are designed to be placed in different areas of your home for maximum leak and flood detection. 

Some leak detection sensors use probes or electrodes which are triggered when water physically touches them, sending off signals and data to the central monitoring system which then alerts the homeowner via smart phone apps and WIFI connection. Built in moisture sensors can detect water leaks and alert you to a potentially catastrophic disaster before it becomes one.  

The devices also use ultrasonic wavelengths which sonically record data and assess the flow of your water throughout the house, detecting excess usage if a leak or blockage occurs. These sensors can be placed in potential trouble zones such as the laundry and bathroom (where most problems with water arise) or placed throughout the home, and under the house in case of severe flooding that you wouldn’t otherwise know about until it’s too late. 

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Why Invest in Water Leak Sensors? 

A water leak or burst pipe may not sound that bad, but in fact it can destroy your home and cause major medical issues. Stagnant water building up in an area with no light is the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew. Mould not only eats through wood and other materials but is an extreme health concern, causing skin and eye irritation, nausea and respiratory complications. A water leak sensor will pinpoint the location of any leak so that mould can be avoided and eliminated before it becomes a major health concern. 

Although it might all sound too technological and complicated, water leak sensors in homes have saved homeowners thousands of dollars, alerting them to a leak or a fault before it turns into a catastrophic and expensive nightmare. People invest in super expensive home security systems and car alarms, so how about protecting the very foundation of your home?

Finding The Right Water Sensor 

There are many leak detection specialists available to help you decide which water leak sensor is right for your home and for your budget. They will professionally install the systems with zero damage to your walls, ceilings and floors, at a convenient time that suits you. 

There is nothing better than knowing your family, your home and your business are safe in every way. When you invest in a water leak sensor, you are essentially investing in your own future by protecting all your assets and saving money on costly repairs should disaster strike.

Avoid the nightmare before it begins and contact a leak detection specialist today.


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