How to hire your wedding photographer?
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We hunt for the best wedding attires, makeup artists, hairstylists, venues and decorators to make our wedding memorable but the person who makes it all worth it is the photographer. They are the ones who capture the beauty of the whole celebration which stays with you as a keepsake! The shutterbug you select shapes how you’ll remember your wedding forever. The plandid and candid moments they capture would be something that you will be cherished forever! We know there are lots of options to choose from which may get overwhelming for you therefore, choose wisely with these expert tips.

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Begin scouting at an early stage

The photographer you select will be the person with whose perspective you’ll remember your wedding forever. You may have a favourite photographer or you can look for someone online. The best way to choose someone is by asking about the experience of recently married friends or someone else in the family, event designers and planners. All of them serve as great resources for finding a good photographer. Certain Chattarpur wedding venues have good photographers on their panel too, you can even choose from them. Reputable online wedding planning websites can be a vetting process as well. After getting some names, narrow it down to three choices, then call them, chat about your wedding, and if you connect on a personal level and love a person’s work, hire him or her. Just try to steer clear of anyone who tries to sell you. Any sense of desperation should warn you off.

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Discuss their background

Though most photographers have learned from the experience a technical degree is always a good sign. Try to find out if your potential photographer has studied photography in school. Ideally, look for someone who has been in the field for at least five years. We are recommending this because if you don’t give attention to these things then there are chances that you may end up with a person who just picked up a digital camera and decided to be a wedding photographer and you can’t afford to do that with your wedding pictures.

Go through their website and social media 

Photographers’ are usually really active on their social media therefore you can look at the complete picture of their work on their Instagram. Also, you can check out their online portfolios present on their website. While looking at their work online we would also suggest you ask them for some pictures from all kinds of events like day and night, sangeet, cocktails, weddings and so on. Ask to see images taken throughout the day from at least 10 real-life events. This will surely give you a clearer picture

Leave your Pinterest boards at home 

If you tell your photographer that you love a particular image, they are open to re-creating it, but bringing in too many examples of photo styles sucks the creativity out of the process. You don’t want your photographer concentrating so hard on copying shots that he misses the moments that make your day special. You should trust their process and creativity that will help them give you the best for your wedding.

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Don’t forget to read the fine print

While signing a contract, make sure you will own the personal-use rights to your images immediately following the wedding. This is important because if you don’t have the rights, you could be in for a big back-end sales push when photos you thought were included in one price end up costing a lot more, as you’ll have to buy everything individually. This may end up as a big problem for you. Therefore read the contract carefully and read each and everything thoroughly.

Don’t go overboard with the budget just for extras 

If you are on a budget then get the best person you can afford to shoot only for your wedding, rather than a booking them for all the functions like sangeet, Mehendi and so on. You can also cut out albums and wall prints—often when people are sold a package they’re being tricked into spending more than they would have otherwise. While we know that a lot of good filmmakers are worth every penny, we have seen couples split their budget between a photographer and a videographer and end up with mediocre results from both. If you have to choose, naturally, we feel photography is more timeless. So be smart while making the bookings!

There’s more to it! 

Be open about your expectations regarding wedding photography. Tell them what kind of shots you want and how you envision your wedding pictures as well as the videos. You can even ask them to create some social media-friendly content so that you can share it easily over your Instagram.

We hope this will help you get the perfect photographer for your wedding!


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