How Biometric Time & Attendance Systems Work

biometric attendance machine

biometric attendance machine

Biometric time and attendance systems have become popular in the business world today when it comes to tracking employees and their attendance. Biometric systems are easy to use, easy to install and track data regarding employees for management to analyze. In addition, a biometric system can also improve employee productivity if they are trained properly.

A biometric attendance machine is a real-time employee time management system. These systems can be linked and integrated into employee applications, human resource systems and payroll systems. The biggest advantage of these systems is that they prevent employees from clocking in for one another. Previous methods included a time clock, a sign-in sheet and swiping an ID card. These systems create more of an honour system for employees to follow, reducing employee time theft.

How Biometric Systems Work

Biometric time and attendance systems use the fingerprints of employees to verify who is actually clocking in and clocking out of work each day. The system scans the finger of the employee, coordinates are determined and then the system maps the endpoints and intersections of the fingerprint. This method reduces the possibility of fraud as well as integrates into tracking HR goals such as attendance numbers, productivity data, payroll reporting, leave tracking and more.

The biometric attendance machine is required for employees to clock in and out each day. The employee’s fingerprint is scanned, which then references against what is stored in the system the employee. If an employee has not been entered into the system, he or she will not be able to use the biometric system to clock in and out of work each day.

Biometric Systems are Safe

A biometric attendance machine is a revolutionary method of tracking employee time and attendance. It can also be used for providing access to employees to certain areas of the building, such as a break room or administrative office.

Using a biometric system for employee attendance is one of the most secure ways to keep track of employee time. By using fingerprint technology, there is no risk of identity theft because only the employee’s employee ID number and his or her fingerprint are used when logging in and out.

Fingerprints are Deleted from the System

This biometric time clock software deletes fingerprints from the system after an employee has clocked in or out. When a new employee is entered into the system, the software scans the fingerprint to create a group of coordinates. The fingerprint itself is then deleted to protect the security and identity of the employee. The next time the employee uses the touchscreen on the biometric system to clock in or out, the coordinates on file are matched with the fingerprint on the screen to verify the employee’s identity.

Restrict Employee and Non-employee Access

The use of biometric time & attendance machines can be used to restrict employee and non-employee access to certain areas of your organization. For example, if a group of employees are not supposed to access a certain area of your building, their fingerprints will be flagged in the system so they cannot enter.

Using this biometric attendance machine makes your business more secure for both visitors and employees. Management will be able to assign and revoke access to individual employees using the software, much like using a keycard or keyfob.

An attendance punching machine is a biometric device that monitors and records employee attendance. This machine can be an additional source of income for you as it increases productivity and reduces the number of employees with fake leaves, who are not attending to the office in a professional way. This device can also be an excellent solution for your growing business.

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