Reasons To Understand Why Should One Install Insulation

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In terms of the cost of heating and energy, Rockwool insulation is the most effective way in making the home more energy efficient Rockwool fire barrier.

On the roof, where it is crucial for enhancing the efficiency of cooling and energy use of your home It offers these many advantages for the various kinds of flat roofs as well as pitched roofs. A pitched roof in some cases can comprise up to 50% of the envelope of the building.

The rockwool fire barrier can also reduce spreading of fires, providing extra time to evacuate and for rescue efforts. Insulating your roof is a great method to reduce the loss of heat and lower the cost of heating.

Solutions for insulation of exterior walls systems include a variety of claddings that cover the building envelope, including exterior facades as well as masonry cavity walls and frame-like metal constructions.

Most often, it is found in the attic or walls or floors, the crawlspace and basements, this kind of insulation can help to keep heat out in winter and help keep living spaces cooler in summer.

If you’re seeking to reduce your heating costs in winter months or simply want peace in your home, Rockwool insulation can help.

What Is Rockwool Insulation?

This kind of insulation is usually offered in rolls or pre-shaped panels. When used to insulate ceilings and walls it can pass through the studs without leaving any gaps.

If it’s installed correctly, insulation made of Rockwool can cut down on energy consumption for cooling or heating by up to 20% throughout the entire year. It is a fantastic way of restricting air flow and prevents the heat from leaving the house.

What Is Glass Wool In Comparison To Rockwool?

To fully comprehend their applications in projects to soundproof, it’s important to know exactly what they are.

Glass wool is also refer to for its fibreglass insulation. You’ve probably notice that you’ve heard about this product because it is found in the majority of homes and DIY shops Rockwool fire barrier.

Simply put it’s compose of glass that has was into fibres and then shape into sheets with an adhesive. Layers of thin material are compress to create a larger sheet of more durability and strength.

The term Rockwool, which is also refer to as mineral wool the same thing. It’s not of glass; however it’s create from silica or stone. Similar to glass wool, the stone is spun into yarn (like cotton candy) and then roll into sheets.

This kind of insulation can guard against the damaging effects of moisture which could reduce efficiency and R value, ensuring maximum energy savings. The most common use for Soundshield plus is

  • To control temperature and provide the acoustical comfort of the construction of buildings (attics ceilings, walls, and ceilings)
  • For acoustical, thermal as well as condensation management in institutional and commercial HVAC systems.
  • For energy efficiency, process control, and effective control of manufacturing and industrial processes Rockwool fire barrier.

It is important to note that both products are principally thermal insulation. They work by trapping tiny pockets of air between fibres. This is what creates thermal insulation.

What Are The Benefits Of Using It?

It has numerous positive advantages, but its cost and efficiency are the most important reasons why homeowners decide to install it. It’s one of the cheapest methods to insulate homes and can be in place quickly.

Because it’s flexible, it is able to fit into most areas and eliminate any gaps. At first, you’ll be in a position to save on costs when you purchase Rockwool insulation. In the long run the benefits of energy efficiency will offset the cost of installation.

Cost And Ease Of Installation

Both insulators that are blow-in as well as Rockwool insulation are install quickly and are similar in price. When looking at the price for insulation, home owners must take into consideration the efficiency of the insulation Rockwool fire barrier.

Insulation that has a sufficient R-value, which indicates its capability to block the transmission of heat can help reduce cooling and heating costs.

Other Benefits

It is made from recycle glass as well as sand the insulation is naturally fire-proof. While it decreases the dangers of fire but will also help to make your home quieter. The materials of fibreglass help keep out noise from outside and also reduce the noise inside the house.

Because it consists of recycle materials it is also a more green, more sustainable, sustainable method to live.

Why You Should Build With Rockwool

Fire Resistance

Mineral wool insulation isn’t combustible. It’s a mixture of slag and basalt, or limestone, and is not able to catch fire. This is a great feature for homes as it doesn’t cause flame spread and is able to be use as an active fire blocker.

Drying Capacity

Mineral wool is water-resistant and repellent. Insulation lets water wick away from the material in the event that it becomes wet.

The building scientist from Chris said that water is the primary reason for building failures so controlling water flow in buildings is vital. Mineral wool is a good alternative for this reason.

No Expansion/Contraction

There is a minimal amount of expansion or contraction, and when temperatures decrease and increase the insulation remains stable. In the areas where there are seams within it, the moisture, insects, and air intrusion is reduce.

Uv Resistance

By putting insulation on the exterior of the structure as well as open join cladding on your screen for rain, light will be absorb by the cladding. Being able to block UV light is advantageous during and even after the construction.

A Viable Alternative To Calcium Silicate

Calcium silicate is regard as an insulation that is thermal and compose of calcium silicate hydrous that is compose of reinforcing fibres and is naturally white in colour.

It is available in blocks for the production of insulation use in mechanical pipeline applications. It is typically utilise as a safer alternative to asbestos in high-temperature insulation materials.


  •         Operating temperature: 80degF to 1,700degF
  •         Super-strong and dense
  •         Durability
  •         Non-combustible and inorganic
  •         Asbestos free

Calcium silicate is among the main materials use to insulate pipes, however the high amount of this material is regard as a disadvantage. 

The material is water and fire resistant and easy to cut and has outstanding thermal resistance that ranges from 1,400 degF, and it is a great noise-blocking material.

Important industrial insulation applications that require stone wool include:

  •         Piping
  •         Industrial buildings
  •         Furnaces
  •         Boilers

Due to its thermal range and less expensive stone wool is an ideal alternative to calcium silicate in insulating industrial pipe.

Knauf Soundshield Panel Features

The Knauf Soundshield with sealing side is combined to create a beautiful sturdy, flat and smooth construction board by selecting two layers of top-quality colored steel sheets or other precisely shaped sheets of metal as the faceplates and rotating the stripped

  1. Installation is simple and is able to be use over and over.
  2. Lightweight and reduce costs.
  3. Many applications: The Warehouse, House Stadiums, Workshop Villa, Shed Container, etc.
  4. Environment protection, solid structure waterproof, fireproof, sturdy, and energy saving.

Rockwool is twist 90 degrees following rolling (make those fibres vertical with the upper as well as lower sheets of steel) and highly binding high-quality. The Soundshield plus plasterboard is formed with metal faceplates with high-strength, excellent adhesion, and high-fire-prevention binder

A high level of fire protection insulation, thermal insulation, environmental protection, and other attributes of the formed boards make them the best option to industrial buildings envelope systems.


The knauf soundshield plus products are used to construct building envelopes and any insulation cladding walls to suit different types of construction.

They also have a production line, a huge bender (6 metres) and shredding machine (6m) and a Blast cleaning equipment, CNC control system with automatic cutting, automated assembly with automatic welding, automated straightening equipment.

This eliminates all faults that result from manual operation. Our technical strength along with the important scale effect assist to make us the top manufacturing as well as Installation Company that specialises in steel wall panels and structure.

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