Five Distinctions Between CRS And FSW Points

canada crs calculator

canada crs calculator

If you have immigrated to Canada and are worried about your express entry low score, you may have come across the terms CRS and FSW. The terms are “Comprehensive Ranking System” and “Federal Skilled Worker.” You need to know the key differences between these two systems before taking steps to improve your express entry score. In addition, you should know how the Canada CRS calculator is used to calculate the score. 

Here are some significant differences between CRS and FSW points:

  1. The CRS assesses and scores candidates in the express entry pool. In contrast, the FSW program is one of the programs that candidates can be considered under express entry.
  1. CRS points are awarded based on various factors such as age, education, work experience, language skills, etc., whereas FSW points are awarded solely based on an applicant’s work experience.
  1. Candidates who have a valid job offer or are nominated by a province or territory are awarded additional CRS points, whereas there is no such provision for FSW points.
  1. You can lose CRS points if an applicant does not meet the minimum language requirements, whereas this is not the case for FSW points. You can get further details from a registered Canada immigration agency within your reach.
  1. The maximum number of CRS points that can be awarded is 1200, on the other hand, the maximum number of FSW points can be awarded is 100.

How Does Comprehensive Ranking System Work?

If you don’t improve your score, you may lose your excellent ranking position among the candidates under the CRS. Since CRS is a dynamic system, you always have options to increase your express entry score. Please keep in mind that as long as there are ways to raise it, your score is not “locked in.”

Although some changes or improvements may not appear to boost your CRS score significantly, even a tiny improvement could make all the difference. Additionally, you should explore other options, such as provincial nomination. It can add 600 extra CRS points to increase your chances of being invited from the express entry pool in future draws.

How Does the Canada CRS Calculator Work?

The Canada CRS calculator is an online tool that helps express entry candidates calculate their CRS scores. The calculator factors in the various factors that are used to assess a candidate’s eligibility for express entry. The calculator then assigns a score to the candidate based on the information provided. The Canada CRS calculator is very helpful for the express entry candidates who want to improve their CRS scores.


To improve your express entry score, it is essential to be aware of the critical differences between the CRS and FSW points systems. In addition, you should know how the CRS calculator works. By understanding these systems, you can take steps to improve your express entry score. As mentioned before, you can contact your trusted Canada immigration agency for further knowledge.

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