Which EHR is More Suitable , DrChrono or Athena? 

Athena EMR

Athena EMR

You’re deciding which EHR system will work best for you practice. Each EHR system is beneficial, but there are significant differences. Let’s learn more about each solution in this article.

DrChrono EHR overview

DrChrono EHR can be used as an EHR, practice management and billing system for all types of medical practices. That’s why DrChrono EHR is easy to use for both patients and doctors. It is one of the best EHR software options. And it is an electronic health record system (EHR), which was created in 2009. Therefore, it is used by millions of patients as well as tens of thousand of professionals. This program was design to improve the quality of patient care.

DrChrono EHR features

  • Telehealth: Schedule and conduct video visits directly from your EHR, on a mobile or desktop device.
  • Financial Management: Our RCM staff is highly skilled and has help us to resolve over 96% of our complaints. This also ensures that we are transparent.
  • Practice Administration: Self-check-in, online scheduling, patient portal, compliance with HIPAA and many more.
  • Software for Medical Billing: Create personalized dashboards and profiles to help you bill medical expenses in your EHR.
  • Mobile EHR: You can take care of patients anywhere with our mobile EHR app. It works on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and desktop.
  • This chart can tailor to your practice. You can create a chart in seconds with specialized medical forms. Use time-saving shortcuts.
  • Practical Management Strategies: Dr. Chrono is well aware of the differences between practices. DrChrono offers an integrat practice management platform that can tailor to your specific needs, unlike other electronic health records platforms.

DrChrono costs $199 per license. All users have only one pricing option. There are four pricing tiers available on DrChrono: Apollo Plus, Prometheus Plus, Hippocrates and Apollo. They are based on a pay per provider model and offer several levels EHR features. You can also purchase additional features for as low as $20 per month.

About Athena EHR

Athena EHR, a cloud-based system that provides patient-care functions, offers many options. AthenaOne, the digital health record system for the business, allows clients to access client portals, billing, practice management and practice management. AthenaOne also includes EHR functions such as scheduling, setting reminders and more. Clients can access an integrated customer site to change or schedule appointments.

Athena EHR allows athenaCollector support with bill payment follow-up, increasing client satisfaction and engagement. Customers can send athenapay to pay their invoices after they have receive via the automated feature of Athena EHR.

Key Features Athena EHR

  • The Connected Health network: Doctors can provide better care by using information from over 160,000 doctors and 100 million patients. It allows users to communicate with more than a million points, including doctors, laboratories, pharmacies and other healthcare professionals.
  • Patient Engagement: You can increase the number of patients that you see each day by scheduling appointments. Online patient check-in and automated reminders help to reduce no-shows, while increasing patient satisfaction.
  • Patient Portal: Patients have the ability to access their medical records, make payments, schedule appointments and sign paperwork. Doctors can communicate with patients using messages, notes and even video calls.
  • Authorization Management: Perform the necessary research and payee interaction to obtain medical authorizations. You can view authorization statuses in the app’s clinical workflows.
  • Care coordination: Follow up on orders, delivery results, access and sharing data and more. Instantaneous data sharing, while protecting sensitive data confidentiality
  • Reporting Get detail, real-time reports about the operations of other clinics. This will help to establish standards, identify trends and provide more accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Population Health: Doctors can use population health instruments to keep track of vital information about the patient population. Automated outreach services can be use. Network-based data can also be obtain from internal analysts.
  • Interoperability: Access over 26,000 plans, 12,000 imaging and lab endpoints, 95% US pharmacies and more than 1,200 other websites via interoperability. Integrate with CommonWell and Care Quality to access the Epic and Cerner websites and many regional, state and federal health information exchanges.
  • Marketplace: Developer support and access to apps in specific markets will increase capabilities.

What are the costs for athenahealth Athenahealth offers a variety of pricing plans depending on your needs. EHR pricing is usually determine by the cost per physician per calendar month. Invoices are sent annually. Administrative accounts are also available. Athenahealth guarantees that there won’t be any additional charges if you choose their software.

What are the Differences Between DrChrono EHR & Athena EHR?

DrChrono’s All-in-One electronic health record streamlines patient care and optimizes practice efficiency. It is EPCS-certified and offers integrate medical billing software. Also, it offers an e-prescription option, which eliminates the need to visit another pharmacy. But, it also has intuitive appointment management capabilities that make it easy to organize your patients’ appointments.

Athena EHR has speech recognition as one of its most distinctive features. Clinicians can now recommend different doctors to patients based on individual needs. A heart surgeon might prefer that a patient see a specialist in another field. However, the program will automatically choose a local doctor for the patient. The referral can be accept by the patient.

While DrChrono EHRVS Athenian is more costly, it is well worth the investment. The Athena EHR has more benefits than its drawbacks. While neither EHR is perfect for everyone, it’s a great place to start for practices.

Athena offers a variety of powerful capabilities that simplify the day-to-day tasks of caregivers. Most users find it easy to use the system and report data. System downtime is not an issue for users. However, claims functionality is less robust than Athena’s. Users have also complained about the inability to understand their data and inconsistent formatting. This is a problem, even though the Drchrono EHR offers many great features.

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Although both EHR solutions are highly customizable, it is still recommend to consult an EHR expert before you make a purchase. You can also see the products in action before making a purchase. You can then choose the one that suits you best. AthenaHealth is a reliable choice. It also provides solid practice management advice and reporting based on athenaNet data. AthenaOne users can create custom reports for their practice. These reports provide valuable data by comparing KPIs with other practices and networks.

Last thought

A user-friendly EHR is essential. Doctors are not IT experts, despite their technical prowess. It is crucial that doctors are able to use the software in a simple way so they can move seamlessly from paper-based practice to electronic. Doctors can lose time and get upset if they use complicate software. There are many vendors that offer training for free, but some do not. It is important to find vendors that offer free training.

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