Loulouka Stage 1 Formula Review

Loulouka Stage 1 Formula Review

Loulouka stage 1 formula is an excellent option if your child has a delayed start to breastfeeding. It is best to wait to introduce this formula until your baby is at least half a year old. It is best used in conjunction with bosom milk. Listed below are some factors to consider when choosing this formula.


Loulouka stage one infant milk is a good alternative to breastfeeding and can be used from birth. Its ingredients include whole goat’s milk, lactosedeg, and vegetable oils. Other ingredients include DL-tocopheryl acetate, L-tryptophan, and magnesium chloride.

Loulouka formula contains organic whole milk from Switzerland. While it is a Dutch product, it outsources its production to Switzerland, a country with strict regulations for quality and transparency. It also uses humane farming practices and doesn’t use antibiotics or genetically modified animals. It’s also third-party tested, which ensures the safety of its ingredients.

Loulouka formula contains no soy, palm oil, or corn syrup. Because of its emulsifier properties, it is a good source of essential fatty acids and choline. Many formula brands use lecithin derived from soy, which is cheaper but can cause allergies. Loulouka’s stage one formula also contains sunflower lecithin, which is organic and non-genetically modified and is a safer alternative.

Nutritional value

Loulouka stage 1 infant formula is a good choice for babies from birth onwards and can be supplemented with breastfeeding if you prefer. It contains skimmed milk, demineralized whey powder, refined fish oil, and vitamins. The formula is 900 grams in volume and is formulated for babies six months and older.

The brand uses organic and biodynamic ingredients and processes. It also recycles all its manufacturing waste. The ingredients are sourced from organic farms within the EU. The production process at Holle is rigorous and focuses on the consistency and reliability of its formulas. It also adheres to strict EU Bio organic standards.

Loulouka is made from Swiss cow’s milk and contains vital vitamins and minerals. It also does not contain any soy or palm oil, which are common in many other formulas. The company’s goal is to produce a formula that is free of artificial additives and safe for babies.

Suitable for breastfeeding

Loulouka’s stage one formula is suitable for breastfeeding. Its nutritional profile is similar to that of other major American baby formulas. It contains less fat than most other formulas but compensates for this with more protein. The formula is formulated for infants up to six months old. It is also suitable for use as a follow-on after breastfeeding.

Loulouka’s formula is not made with genetically modified ingredients. It also doesn’t contain preservatives or added sweeteners. The dairy ingredients in the Loulouka formula are sourced from grass-fed cows. This ensures a high nutritional value for your child.

Fluoride levels

Fluoride is a mineral that helps protect against tooth decay. It is also helpful for hardening enamel. However, there are risks associated with too much fluoride. Too much fluoride may cause dental fluorosis, a discoloration of the tooth enamel.

Loulouka’s stage 1 formula contains lactose as its primary carbohydrate. It also contains a small amount of DHA and maltodextrin. These are not ideal carbohydrates for infants, but they do provide essential nutrients. Unlike many other infant formulas, Loulouka stage 1 is made with Swiss cow’s milk and is European Union-certified.

Loulouka formulas contain milk from grass-fed Swiss cows. The Swiss government has strict regulations on the production of milk. Loulouka’s formulas are a natural source of protein and DHA, as well as free of soy. They are also made with traditional coconut oil, which is more sustainable than palm oil and is richer in medium-chain triglycerides.


Loulouka’s stage 1 formula costs a bit more than other brands, but the nutritional profile is fairly close to that of other European baby formulas. Its high protein content and low-fat content are reminiscent of breastmilk. The formula also includes Galactooligosaccharides, Refined Fish Oil, and Vitamins A, E, and K.

Loulouka stage 1 formula is suitable for newborn babies aged 0 to 6 months. It is an excellent complement to breast milk or a complete replacement. It is easy to digest, contains no added sugars, and is gentle on the stomach. Parents who want to use the Loulouka stage 1 formula will find it a safe and reliable source.

Although Loulouka has a better price-to-quality ratio, it loses to Holle when it comes to sustainable farming practices and traceability. In addition, Loulouka does not contain palm oil, making it an even better option for parents who want to be eco-friendly.

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