Buy Bulk Cat5e Copper Cable For Business and Residential Use

It wouldn’t be an overstatement if we say that the Cat5e bare copper is a revolutionary ethernet cable. This low-voltage twisted-pair cable changed the networking landscape with its high-speed data transfer rates, higher frequencies, and ability to withstand EMI.

The Cat 5e copper cable is still the go-to choice for millions of people looking for a cost-effective and high-performing ethernet cabling solution. You too can buy this cable and establish highly functional LAN networks with ease.

In this blog, we will walk you through the different choices you have when it comes to buying the Cat5 e cable and how you can buy it. Let’s get right into it.

Enhanced Category 5

This cable is an enhanced version of its Cat5 predecessor. It features even more tightly twisted conductor pairs which result in better resistance against EMI. EMI is a big problem in transferring data via cables and Cat5e plays a major role in tackling this problem.

Moreover, you have the option to get the 24 AWG conductors with shielding. Shielding is an aluminum foil wrapped around the cable conductors that either absorbs or reflects incoming and outgoing signals of interference.

Pure Copper

It features eight pure copper 24 AWG conductor wires which are twisted tightly into 4 pairs. Pure copper is a highly effective conductor with high efficiency and ease of use. You can twist and turn it easily to give it any shape you desire. It is also capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions such as high heat, humidity, cold weather, etc, etc.

Overall, the enhanced features and the pure copper conductors of the Cat5e cable make it one of the best options on the market for business and residential use.

Which One to Buy?

The 1000ft Cat5 Bare Copper Cable is not just one single option. It has a multitude of variants to choose from. These variants are distinguished based on various factors: cable shielding, type of conductor (solid or stranded), and cable jacket.

While some specifications of the different variants of the Cat5e cable may differ, the basic performance specifications of all the cables remain the same. Cat5e copper cables can transmit data at up to 100 MBit/s over 100 meters. If you run the cable at up to 50 meters, you can achieve 1 GBit/s data transfer rates. Bandwidth capacity will remain around 350 MHz.

The following are some of the variants you can choose from:

UTP Cat5e Riser Bare Copper 1000ft

This is an unshielded Cat5e riser cable. Its Riser-rated jacket is its main feature. Made from durable FEP or PVC materials, it is highly resistant to heat and other forms of extreme environmental conditions. The jacket of this cable is also coated with a fire-retardant material that prevents fire propagation.

UTP Cat5e Riser Bare Copper Cable can be installed in indoor vertical runs of buildings as well as in outdoor runs. During manufacturing, it undergoes a vertical fire safety test that ensures the cable’s capability to remain immune to any safety hazard.

One thing is important to note though. The riser jacket of this cable can emit toxic smoke should it catch fire. Although it is very unlikely that the cable will catch fire, if it does, it will emit toxic smoke. That is why it must be installed in contained vertical spaces when used indoors.

Cat5e Plenum Solid Bare Copper Cable

This pure copper Cat5e cable is distinguished by its thick plenum jacket. Plenum jacketing is a premium quality cable jacketing that is designed to withstand all kinds of extreme environmental conditions. Whether you want to use this cable indoors in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) spaces or outdoors, it is designed for all conditions. Bury it directly underground or run it in an open environment, it will work perfectly.

Coupled with the plenum jacket are the bare copper conductors. These conductors, as mentioned earlier, are ideal for maintaining low attenuation and high integrity of signals.

Cat5e Pure Copper Plenum Shielded

The Cat5e pure copper plenum cable is similar to the previously described one. Except for the only difference which is that this one is a shielded variant. Its shielding is the glaring distinction between all of its other counterparts. It also makes it highly efficient.

The primary purpose as well as the benefit of using the shielded cable is its resistance to crosstalk. It is pertinent to mention here that the bulk shielded Cat5e pure copper cable is a bit tricky to install. However, once installed, it is totally worth it.

Buying Guide

Now that you know about the different types of Cat 5e 1000ft copper cables, you need to know how you can buy the one you need and more importantly, how to get the best deal.

The first thing you need to do to buy the right Bulk Cat5e cable is that you need to figure out exactly what you need. And according to your requirement, you will make the purchase.

For instance, if you need the cable for indoor plenum spaces, you will get the plenum-rated cable. For business use, get the shielded plenum and for domestic use, the unshielded variant will do the job.

Similarly, the Cat5e riser will be required for indoor vertically rising spaces such as in walls, in elevator shafts, and in between floors. Both of these cables can also be used outdoors.


In simple talk, the copper Cat5e cable can be an ideal LAN cabling solution for residential and commercial use. We hope this guide helped you get the best deal on the Cat5e cable you need.

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