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Avana 100mg is an oral medicine used to deal with erectile disorder, additionally referred to as erectile disorder (ED), wherein penile erections can’t be finished or maintained. Avana belongs to a category of medication referred to as PDE5 (phosphodiesterase kind five) inhibitors. It facilitates to boom blood go with the drift to the penis for the duration of sexual stimulation. It facilitates to reap and preserve an erection. Avana is an FDA accepted drug to deal with erectile disorder in men. Avana 100can begin operating in only 15 mins and lasts up to six hours. Clinical trials display Havana is powerful for maximum men, regardless of how lengthy the affected person has had erectile disorder problems.

Avana 100 Mg is used to deal with erectile brokenness (ED: feebleness; failure to get or maintain an erection in men). Avanafil is in a category of prescriptions referred to as phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors. It works through increasing the bloodstream to the penis for the duration of sexual emotions, and this extended bloodstream can motive an erection.

How do the Avana 100 Mg tablets work:

Avana consists of Avanafil, a phosphodiesterase kind five inhibitor applied to deal with erectile brokenness (weakness) in men. During sexual excitement, nitric oxide is brought in the erectile tissue of the penis, which actuates the catalyst guanylate cyclase. This compound builds degrees of a substance referred to as cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), which loosens up the veins in the penis and lets in blood to fill the elastic erectile tissues to motive an erection. Another compound referred to as phosphodiesterase kind five (PDE5) isolates cGMP, which inhibits blood go with the drift to the penis, inflicting erection harm. Avanafil in Avana 100mg follows up at the erectile tissue of the penis to preclude the hobby of PDE5 and boom the bloodstream to motive an erection.

How to take Avana 100 Mg:

• Follow all bearings to your treatment mark and study all medicine manuals or manual sheets. Your PCP may, at instances, alternate your element. Utilize the medicine exactly as coordinated.

• It is usually taken simply whilst required, round 15 to half-hour earlier than sexual Action. Follow your number one care health practitioner’s instructions.

• Avana can assist whole the erection whilst sexual emotions occur. Just taking a tablet does now no longer motive erection.

• Try now no longer to take Avana 100 Mgat the least more than one instances a day.

• Call your number one care health practitioner or search for disaster medical attention in case your erection is hard or endures longer than four hours. Stretched erection can harm the penis.

Side effects:

• Headache

• Dizziness

• Flushing

• Back pain

• Stuffy nose

• Common cold

• Nausea

• Decreased vision (rare)

• Allergic reactions

• Hearing loss (rare)


Missed Dose:

This drug is used, and whilst needed, so the probabilities of lacking a component are extra uncertain. Accept the neglected element whilst you recollect, assuming you’re on a deliberate dosing ordinary of this medicine. If it’s miles almost an excellent possibility for the following element, keep away from the neglected element. Try now no longer to double the element to make up for the neglected element.


Look for disaster medical remedy or touch the expert if there have to stand up an incidence of an excess.


• Store the Avanafil drugs at room temperature (20-25 diploma centigrade)

• Keep away from direct mild and moisture.

• Keep away from the attain of children.

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